Operational Expenditure

There is no upfront cost in OPEX model solar. all you need to do is give us your rooftop. we will build the plant with our investment and you can consume the energy generated from the plant with a mutual agreed tariff. For these projects we are directly associated with the top investors in Pan India.

  • We set up on-site solar power plants (on rooftops, on carports, on grounds and/or on superstructures). These plants integrate seamlessly with the client’s existing grid and/or DG system.
  • The solar plants are set up entirely on our own cost and are also maintained by us throughout the project term.
  • Generator and consumer will enter into a long term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with mutually agreed fixed or variable cost.
  • The bills should be generated to its clients every month on the basis of actual energy generated by the solar plant. This ensures that the entire performance risk is borne by us as we only get paid for what we generate.
  • We ensure that our solar plant has a 99%+ Uptime.